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We are a group of professionals who care passionately about teaching and learning. We enjoy the challenges working in learning difficulties presents, feeling at our happiest when we see clients moving on and reaching their targets.
Our organisation brings learning to life as all of the activities delivered in the sessions have a purpose and are relevant.
When teaching budgeting we will go shopping to places where clients can buy food, personal items, clothing and services such as hair and beauty treatments and items for their home. Our most recent budgeting project has taken a client from planning and managing her money to shopping at IKEA and building furniture for the home.
When teaching a client to read and write we use innovative ways to achieve success such as brain exercises and writing with rice, sand and art materials before picking up a pen.
Communication skills involves ringing companies and organisations, writing lists, researching, emailing, writing letters and feeding back to the group with the end result being a trip.
Our most recent communication skills project has been planned by clients and involves a trip to The House of Commons.
Arts and craft projects lead to enterprise activities selling goods at a Christmas Fayre. Allotment produce is used in our kitchen or taken home by our clients. We believe that if a client is given a choice and is having fun learning will come naturally!
Since moving to our new facility we now offer Individual Learning Plans five days a week. We are about to deliver separate sessions for people with more complex needs which will be hour long small group work in art/music therapy and Wheelchair dancing.

Our performing arts group meet during daytime activities in preparation for a show which will be performed at The Gatehouse Theatre next year.

When assessing needs and planning activities for perspective clients we sometimes refer to other services in the area such as New Directions Support and Staffordshire Venture working with other providers ensures our clients have the best service possible.

That's what makes us different!

Staffordshire County Council

It's Official We're Outstanding

Well done Max and Julie on achieving a GRADE 1 OUTSTANDING observation by Staffordshire County Council Adult and Community Learning.

This is what they said about us!

  • Excellent range of activities designed specifically for learning styles of these learners
  • Excellent detailed initial assessment and SMART and detailed individual learning goals
  • Excellent recording of regular formative assessment to ensure learners are able to plan progress
  • Very good attention paid to English and Maths, embedding it well into delivery
  • Very strong progression opportunities
  • Equality and Diversity embedded well into delivery
  • Excellent tutor evaluations of sessions



Our Mission

To provide the best possible training and personalised learning that is affordable for all.
To enable independence and make a difference to the lives of people who learn differently.
Offering skills and building confidence, empowering people to move on in life and reach their full potential.


Our Values

We are an inclusive training organisation which is totally focused on meeting individual needs.
We are passionate about teaching and learning and treat everyone with respect.
We don’t make empty promises, we support people in making positive changes to their lives.


Our Vision

Is an inclusive society where people are firstly seen as a person and have the same opportunities as everyone else.
A society where people lead the life they chose.


we always try to make a difference

check out our activities page, to see what a difference we can make

Activities Information


Our Partners

We partner with several organisations, some of which are below

Dove Service - counselling and support
Staffordshire University - open your mind
Stafford Gatehouse Theatre
The Northfield Centre Stafford
Prince's Trust - inspiring young lives


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